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Selasa, 24 November 2009

Muhammadiyah Celebration

Muhammadiyah Celebration

Today, the age Persyarikatan organization Muhammadiyah even a century.
Simple celebration event was held in Jakarta last night.

"Muhammadiyah Central Executive grateful for a century old," said Din Syamsudin in the celebration of a century of Muhammadiyah in Jakarta, Tuesday night.

Din explains, date of birth is Muhammadiyah 8 Dhu al-Hijjah 1330 Hijri or coincide with the 8 November 1912. "On April 8 Dhu al-Hijjah 1430 Hijri which coincides with 25 November 2009 Muhammadiyah even a century old," he said.

With the age of a century the central leadership of Muhammadiyah use it as a momentum to strengthen the movement to improve, refine and develop the full potential movement infrastructure. The goal to be able to actively perform optimally and becomes the largest Islamic movement and qualitatively superior.

Muhammadiyah also hoped that all children of the nation, especially the high state officials and national elites to take advantage of people's mandate to heart and soul.

Also at Muhammadiyah also important to have a vision of reconstruction and national character in one of the nation with the eradication of corruption is firmly committed and brave. Din added, it invites all citizens to grow into a superior nation and civilized noble to be able to live in line with other nations.

"Because it takes the pillars of a solid community supported by the national leadership of the forward and strong character," he say.

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