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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009



Demung is one of the gamelan instruments including balungan family.

In one set of gamelan there are usually 2 demung, both have versions pelog and slendro. Demung produce tones with the lowest octave balungan family, with a physical size larger. Demung has a relatively wilahan thinner but wider than wilahan saron, so that the resulting tone lower. Hit demung usually made of wood, with a shape like a hammer, bigger and heavier than saron percussion.

There is a way ordinary menabuhnya appropriate tone, a tone that yields, or alternately beat between demung demung 1 and 2, producing varying tones interwoven but followed a certain pattern. Slow and fast hard penabuhan weak depending on the command of the drum and the type gendhingnya. In Gangsaran piece describing the condition of war for example, demung struck hard and fast. In a nuanced piece of military Gati, demung beating slow but hard. When accompanying the song struck softly. When the returns are in condition, so beating fast and hard.

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