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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Welcome victory with Grebeg Syawal

Welcome victory with Grebeg Syawal

Every Idul Fitri, which is always celebrated the tradition of Kraton Jogja is Grebeg Syawal. Garebek who first performed at the time of Sultan Agung in 1613, then adjusted to Garebek Islamic religious teachings that made him held on major holidays of Islam. The party as a token of gratitude after a full month of fasting in Ramadan and Eid welcoming nature.

Grebegan dimuali celebration at 8 o'clock. Begins with the procession mountains and the Kingdom of Kemandungan soldiers into North Square. Up to 10 hours of the morning, the procession arrived at the North Square. Grebegan ceremony involves approximately 600 soldiers who participated in the Palace procession. The soldiers are divided into several groups, namely Pvt Daeng, Patangpuluh, Wirobrojo, Prawirotomo, Jogokaryo, Ketanggung, Nyutro and Mantrijero. All these soldiers were marching in formation of a posse carried mountains welcomed by the courtiers, soldiers and soldiers Surokarso Bugis and the procession of horses out of the Palace.

The ceremony was led by relatives of the Sultan, begins with a shot volley, mountain procession taken out from the palace to the mosque Gedhe Kauman. Arriving at the mosque yard, Mount blessed by ulemas. Thousands of people waited in the courtyard of the mosque for 'Ngalap Blessings', ready to fight various kinds of agricultural products is on the Mount. After the blessing was over, thousands of people fell on Mount and try to produce it.

Exact confidence Javanese society, people who managed to get the earth will be blessed with good life. Farmers plant on land rayahannya results, hoping to fertile fields. Other communities are dependent on agricultural produce door with the hope and life will always be improved. This belief is still strong for the Java community. Javanese society is still loyal and trust Karaton Jogja As with the central government as well as a trusted source of energy. While the Sultan is still a charismatic figure and the pride of the Javanese community.

Apart performed on 1 Syawal, Grebegan also performed on 12 Maulud, and the Big 10, which coincides with pewringatan Birthday of Prophet Muhammad, and Eid al-Adha. In celebration of 12 Mawlood, Grebegan celebration consists of 6 Mount. Consists of 2 Mount Kakung (male), Estri (female), Mount Dharat, Gepak, and Mount Pawuhan. One mound kakung paraded from Sultan's Palace to the Royal Palace of Pakualaman. Delivery of this mountain also involves the procession of soldiers palace, horses and elephants towards Pakualaman Kingdom.

Arak-Arakan is a spectacle that always awaited by citizens of Yogyakarta. Along the road to the Palace Pakualaman, namely Jl. P. Senopati and Jl. Sultan Agung, always packed with people who want to watch the procession, this aralkan. On page Kraton Pakualaman also been waiting for thousands of people who want to fight jogja Mount. Arriving at Mount Page Pakualaman, thousands of people directly memperebutkannya. Grebegan celebration is always followed by a celebration of people's market that takes place in the yard for a few Pakualaman

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