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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009



The flute is a musical instrument from the family of wood wind instruments. Characterized by a soft voice and the flute can be combined with other instruments well.

Modern flute for experts generally made of silver, gold or a mixture of both. While the flute for students generally made of nickel-silver, or silver coated metal.

Ditalakan standard concert flute in C and has a range of 3 octaves tone starts from middle C. However, in some flute to the experts there are additional key to achieving the tone B below middle C. This means that the flute is one of the orchestra instruments are high, only the higher piccolo more than a flute. Piccolo is a small ditalakan flute an octave higher than the standard concert flute. Piccolo is also commonly used in the orchestra.

The modern concert flute has many choices. Thumb B-flat key (invented and pioneered by Briccialdi) standard. B foot joint, however, is an extra option for middle to upper models and professional.

Open-holed flute, also called French Flute (where some keys have a hole in the middle so the player must close it with a finger) on the general concert-level players. But some flute players (especially the students, and even some of the experts) chose plateau closed-hole keys. Students generally use temporary cover to cover the hole until they had mastered the finger placement is appropriate.

Some people believe that the open-hole keys are able to produce louder and more clearly in low tones.

Concert flute called Boehm flute, or flute alone.

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