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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Siter and Zither

Siter and Zither

Siter and zither stringed musical instrument is in the Javanese gamelan. It has to do also with the harp in Sundanese gamelan.

Siter and plop each had 11 and 13 pairs of strings, spanned both sides of the resonator box. Typical set of strings and string tone pelog other slendro tone. Generally sitar has a length of approximately 30 cm and placed in a box when he played, while the long zither roughly 90 inches and has four legs, and set an octave below the siter. Siter and zither played as one of the musical instruments played together (panerusan), an instrument that plays a crooked (melodic patterns based on balungan). Both siter or zither played with the same speed with the xylophone (fast tempo).

The name "siter" comes from the Dutch language "citer", which is also related to English "zither". "Plop" associated with celempungan Sundanese musical forms.

Siter strings played with the thumb, while the other fingers are used to hold the vibration when the other strings are picked, this is usually a characteristic of gamelan instruments. Fingers of both hands are used to hold, with the right hand fingers under the strings while the left finger was on the strings.

Siter and zither with various sizes are typical gamelan instruments Siteran, although also used in many other types of gamelan.

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