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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009



Slenthem is one of the gamelan instruments consisting of thin sheet metal width of strung with rope and stretched across the tubes and produces a low hum or tone echoes that follow saron, ricik, and balungan when struck. Some have called it as a gender penembung. As with other instruments in a set of gamelan, slenthem must have an earlier version and version pelog slendro. Pelog Slenthem Wilahan generally have a range of tones C and B, while slenthem slendro over a range of tones C, D, E, G, A, C '.

How to play

How to beat the same as beating slenthem balungan, ricik, or saron. Swinging the bat right hand and left hand to "patet", which is holding the vibration happens in the sheet metal. In beating the more necessary slenthem instinct or feeling the drummers to produce an echo or form a good buzz. In the notation C, D, E, G for example, echoes that are generated when beating the tone C to disappear just as the tone of D struck, and so on.

For penabuhan tempo, which used the same way as when using balungan, ricik, and saron. But for certain circumstances such as demung offs, then slenthem played to fill the void between the tone of the drums played balungan slow with double plays balungan beats. Or it could be slenthem conditions must beat a balungan half times as fast balungan was struck, for example, when the piece of scenes Gangsaran war.

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