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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009



Kendang is an instrument in the Central Javanese gamelan is one of the main functions set the rhythm. This instrument was sounded by hand, without tools bantu.Jenis small drum called ketipung, the medium is called percussion ciblon / kebar. Ketipung couples have one named drum gedhe kalih commonly called drums. Kalih Kendang played on a song or piece of fine character as Ketawang, kalih kethuk piece, and the rhythm Ladrang dadi. Can also be played quickly on the opening track of launch, Ladrang rhythm responsibility. For there is one more wayangan typical kendhang the kendhang doormat.

Kendang mostly played by professional gamelan players, who have long dive into Javanese culture. Kendang played mostly on instinct as pengendang, so when played by one person another premises will be different nuances.

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