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Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

As a tradition sekaten Kraton Jogjakarta

As a tradition sekaten Kraton Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta, city that was so beautiful, (Special region, city students, Gudeg City, City of history, culture town, etc.) so the term of Jogja. One of the current culture is ongoing Sekatenan (night market) which will end with Grebeg on 26 March
2009. In this tradition, which is located in north plaza Kraton Jogjakarta was a great deal of activity, such as exhibitions pruduk from each district (there are crafts, art, small-medium business, etc.), stage arts, sports tournaments, food traders to traders furniture merauk racing luck, How ya by Djarum Black himself, whether to participate also in merauk profit?

In addition to the ornamental plant enthusiast, there are also many who offer Nursery collection of ornamental plants. If Black Car Community to sell the plants with the cars they could be in the record muri, for a luxury car just to hold plants. There is also a playground of children or adults like boom-boom car, (well maybe he's the same in the Black Car lakuin Community, saturation distraction for struggling with their luxury cars), lightning, the barrel is still a lot of demons and the others. This tradition is certain to be the largest festive entertainment and only once a year. But this tradition is not a thing mengasikan for those middle-class and upwards. Mean bias in this tradition to dedicate for a native who upholds jogja regional cultural values.

Therefore, every time this tradition that says a lot going on this ajangnya village people out of sarangya, for some reason a mini mala market tradition synonymous with the villagers. But this Sekaten tetep attractive for tourists because it is one of the many local cultures jogja. And would be better if the loading boom in Black In News. / Prince

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