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Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Ketoprak, Jogja Culture Portal

Ketoprak, Jogja Culture Portal

Ketoprak as one of the traditional art of Yogyakarta, had not received sufficient attention from local governments. Festival ketoprak kabupaten / kota and antarmahasiswa had routinely done several years ago, now no more.

Boro-boro is Stimulation funds for groups that still exist, which happens quite the contrary, local authorities (government) the more persistent interesting entertainments tax against artists. Even more paradoxically, when the sale of tickets ketoprak in Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY) is relatively large, two-thirds of the committee asked to sustain the cost of other art performances labeled "modern".

There are at least three explanations why the local government to be so. First, euphoria and sometimes understanding of regional autonomy makes local governments is very focused on efforts to increase local revenue (PAD) which is translated by petty seserakah be taxed. Recently the news circulated that the Government of the City (City Government) Yogyakarta planned levy taxes on billboards in space, among other forms of commercial banners seminars. Regional Revenue Service officer of Sleman is not willing to lose the spirit that burst of rain on the night of a show that turned out to quiet the crowd.

Would not it should be understood more regional autonomy as the trust and freedom to manage, promote, prosperity, and welfare of the people whole? If so, the concept of development that puts the New Order "as commander economy" needs to be revised. In addition to its proven failure, the spirit of reform is to restore sovereignty to the people, including upholding the values of the local community. That is, restore the people's right to expression as a way to channel the aspirations of each and not to silence or uniform for the purposes of (economic) initiated only by the government.

Second, run the giddy attitude plus lack of budget autonomy to make local government "could not" think of art (especially traditional) and culture in general. Seizure office, ruwetnya manage employee resources, and lack of budget has been drained of their energy.

Third, the stigma that is his art ketoprak grassroots apparently still raging in the minds of many officials. The proof, has never officially or welcoming banquet featuring guest and called ketoprak the art of Yogyakarta. Ketoprak staging events within the palace also still be counted on the fingers of one hand. Compare with puppets and dance performances that in fact is difficult to claim as a typical art Jogja.

In fact, ketoprak has great potential to become a kind of portal (in the world of the Internet) for the culture of Jogja. To see the show, people can immediately understand the cultural treasures of Yogyakarta and Java in general, not only in form wadhag (physically) but also nuance, spirit, and even spirit.

In wadhag ketoprak can mempertunjukan few things, namely: Java dressing, construction and arrangement of space, furniture and interior accessories, transportation systems, armaments and equipment.

Meanwhile, the cultural content in the form of not just physical (non-visible) including language traditions, forms of nonverbal communication, messages from the literature are performed plays, ketoprak as "opera Java", and another object is to study art and Karawitan tembang, as accompanist performances. The latter, scenes of war (mass) can show various traditional war strategy (ngleyang garuda, chopsticks urang, glathik neba). In addition, the fight scenes (one on one) can describe the martial benyaknya universities, in particular martial art, following the existing range of style. Not to mention, a variety of magic spell which is still believed by most of the Java community.

With a variety of potential they have positioned it as a worthy ketoprak gate or window Jogja culture. In all appearances, regional governments could expose many aspects of life of many commodities and promotion of tourism.

Members Saptopo B Dhagelan Ilkodar New Mataram, and UPN Veteran lecturer Fisip Yogyakarta.

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