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Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Ceremony Merti Village, Cave Cerme, Village Selopamioro

Ceremony Merti Village, Cave Cerme, Village Selopamioro

Selopamioro village has a variety of social activities and cultural arts. One of the cultural activities are Merti Ceremony clean village or hamlet of this ceremony was held in Goa Cerme court located in the village or Srunggo I and II srunggo.
Net ceremonies or alms earth hamlet or village in general Merti harvest. This is intended to give thanks to God the Almighty God. Similarly, in the hamlet Merti ceremony Selopamioro aims to appeal to the mighty power of God to be a blessing pangestu safety, peace, happiness and family community in carrying out daily duties.

Equipment used in this hamlet Merti ceremony include:
a. Rice crispy.
b. Ingkung chicken
c. Snack market
d. Banana sanggah
e. Rice golong
f. Sekar konyok
g. Tumpeng menggono
h. Rice liwet
i. Etc.

Ceremony Merti clean hamlet or village is located in the parking Paseban Cerme Goa. The ceremony is held once every year using the calculation in Java on Sunday in the month of Suro Pahing between the hours of 09.00 s / d 12.00 WIB.

Procession Ceremony.
By the time of first ancestors, the equipment used to carry Jatingarang offerings. Then, after the implementation rembug hamlets in each RT and put jodhang carried, by way of bear.
The ceremony began the procession of local residents, especially the gentlemen left the court penuju Cerme Goa. The first sequence is contained jodhang offerings, and then accompanied the ceremony participants and local people using traditional clothes. At 10:00 am began with the opening ceremony, etc. speech. The Rais later officiated at the ceremony with a prayer that agreed by the participants, to continue planting buffalo head wrapped in cloth, assisted by the caretaker. The ceremony ended with a meal together or dhahar kembul.

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