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Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Goa Cermai

Goa Cermai

Goa Cerme at first was a meeting place used by Walisongo to spread Islam in Java. The word 'Cerme' comes from the word 'speech', held talks during the meeting discussed a plan to establish in the Great Mosque in Demak, a city north of Central Java.

The average depth of water flow of about 1 m, ends at the village exit gate Ploso, Giritirto, Bake, Gunung Kidul Regency.

In addition to the main cave is another cave in which the smaller was used for the meditation cavernous puppeteer. Goa Ledhek, Badhut cave, and caves People. On Monday or Tuesday wage pengunjng many have come to ask God's blessings with thanksgiving ceremonies. During the holidays, many students and young people visiting this temapat. Along the corridor in a cave there is a stage Cerme which was used for the rendezvous.

To reach the front gate of the cave, one must climb the stairs 759 meters. It's better if visitors contact Interpreter Lock or guardian first cave to get the information or correct information.

These include caves Goa a long and deep. The entrance was in the village Selopamioro, kecamatam Imogiri, Bantul regency, while the exit was in Ploso village, subdistrict Bake, Gunung Kidul district. Total length of cave approximately 1.5 km.

Way to achieve this very good location and distance of about 20 km. The view towards the village of Goa last Cerme very good. In the daytime, when the weather sunny, the city of Yogyakarta looks beautiful and at night could see the lights of the city.

Conditions in the cave without lights (flashlight) / dark and cave floor flooded by ground water, which in the rainy season the water will put (up), but in the dry season the water subsided (down). Can also be found Stalactite and stalagmites are very good, too many bats. In general, foreign tourists who visited the cave Cerme spent between 3 to 5 hours on location.

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