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Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Tedhak Siten, births

Tedhak Siten, births

Ceremony held tedhak Siten in ana-old at the time about - about 9 months. At that time the child is officially down to the ground or the ground. The ceremony at the home where the parents of the child. This ceremony is a form of ritual feast is usually held at the porch, the home front at the pendapa, while the other needs a circuit with a ceremony held at gandhok homes, houses kabelakang section. Some of the parties involved in the ceremony was the child and parents and grandparents. This ceremony also involved the relatives and neighbors. Equipment consists of rice feast tumpen, gudhangan, white brother porridge, porridge baro - baro, snack market, sega savory, and ingkung chicken. Another completeness misbegotten foreign tetel colorful 7: red, white, black, yellow, blue, pink, and purple. There Setaman flowers in place in bowl, terbat ladder from sugarcane rejuna, pranji (rooster cages) are decorated with young coconut leaf in yellow. Also provide rice in cotton, rice yellow, sekar telon, bowl containing jewelry bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Siten tedhak ceremony conducted early morning. Toward the pelaksanaa, the pinisepuh gathered in the foyer home (home front) for the feast (ambeng siege) which led by Pak The reader as a prayer. After that in the yard at upacar held Siten tedhak complete with ubarampe, the boy immediately taken out of the house where the ceremony at selengarakan. At - first the children in order to run tetah colorful stepping-chance (seven tetel). After that, climb the ladder in tetah sugarcane, starting from the steps of the stairs down to the very top. Once on top, then on down again, so the child put into a cage in which males in place trophy - trophy containing jewels to the child can play with satisfaction. Once finished playing - playing, children in out of the cage, and the bath with water from the bowl that has been in the mix with flowers Setaman. The next stage, the child's body in the dry and in good clothes give After the ceremony, the bowl containing yellow rice and some coins and all its contents in the scatterplot at the yard. There are some restrictions that should be avoided, such as women who breastfeed their babies should not eat meat which is too fast to avoid coming months (menstrual) again. Truly this is implicitly anticipatory step of the process of pregnancy. Another prohibition applies to babies who are still soft, not in carry-traveling. Some equipment prepared at the ceremony Siten tedhak contain symbols or special meaning. Misbegotten foreign colorful world or the environment represents a colorful life that inevitably will in future take the child. Cage is a symbol that the world (nature) in which we live limits - limits. When we are out of signs - signs that will undoubtedly affected. Aam Kuruangan also intended to prevent the threat of supernatural disaster may be whack yng the child's life. Ladder made from sugar cane implies determination (determination) to live a life until it reaches the level of the sublime degree level or reason. Sugarcane bermakan determination. Sugar cane comes from the heart antebing, namely determination. Sugarcane Arjuna (rejuna) implies that in living their life stage, the child always being nice, having good luck, and all fun. according to the book: life cycle ceremonies in a special area vol yogyakarta, diy provincial cultural department, 2005.

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