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Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Saparan Ambarketawang

Saparan Ambarketawang

Saparan is offering ceremony conducted by the society in Ambarketawang, Gamping, 6 kilometers from Yogyakarta. In ancient times, most people Ambarketawang living from mining limestone found in the area. According to research conducted by specialists in geology, limestone hills in the area have been 50 million years old and around the world there are only three such hills. Community believe if they do not sacrifice the difficulties and disaster will befall them. Although the hill has almost entirely disappeared and only a pile of limestone are left behind, the tradition of giving offerings are still running in the second calendar month of Java, Sapar. That is why the ceremony is called Saparan. The ceremony began early morning, hundreds of people participated in folk festivals and processions. Peak of this ceremony occurred at 02.00 o'clock in the afternoon when a pair of "Bekakak" (the doll bride and groom made of glutinous rice filled with sugar Java) was slaughtered after being taken in procession, escorted by guards with traditional costume and the people who bring offerings.

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2 comments: on 27 Desember 2016 19.39 mengatakan...

saya baru mengetahui tradisi Saparan Ambarketawang.
ST3 Telkom on 27 Desember 2016 19.41 mengatakan...

saya baru mengetahui tradisi Saparan Ambarketawang.
ST3 Telkom

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