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Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Ceremony Labuhan Merapi

Ceremony Labuhan Merapi

Before the harbor began in the caretaker's house was held for safety / festivity. Some of the food for the salvation it was brought together with the objects harbor to harbor on foot. Held in the harbor for safety once again. Equivalent harbor where it is located in kendhit (middle slope) south hunung trim. Harbor objects placed in the coffin, first caretaker to take a long box (in the harbor last year) which was empty and then replaced with new ones containing objects harbor this year.

Labuhan at Mount Merapi addressed to:
  • Master Romo
  • Master Ramadi
  • Gusti Panembahan King of the universe (Broom Universe)
  • Krincing Wesi
  • Branjang Wire
  • Sweep wind
  • Mbok Ageng Sari Coat
  • Mbok Nyai Gadhung Mlalti
  • Kyai Megantoro

All Things for Dilabuh:

  • 1 sheet Sinjang Limar
  • 1 sheet Sinjang Camgkring
  • Build Sumekan tulak 1 sheet
  • 1 sheet Sumekan Gadhung
  • Headband (head cloth) 1 sheet
  • Peningset (belt) udaraga 1 sheet
  • 1 sheet of orange Peningset
  • Kambil watangan 1 sheet
  • Hem polet 1 sheet
  • Ses (cigarette) Wangen 1 cone
  • Sela (incense) hundred and konyoh 1 kanthong
  • Yatra (money) overlaps Rp. 1 envelope 8.33
  • Saddle horses (especially for years dal) 1 fruit

After the reading of prayers by the caretaker Labuhan ceremony is finished.

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