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Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Wayang Kulit, Masterpiece of Java Art Performance

Wayang Kulit, Masterpiece of Java Art Performance

Night in Yogyakarta will feel alive if you miss it by looking at the shadow play. Gamelan rhythms combined with dynamic voice of the sinden will not let you fall in sleep. The story that brought the mastermind will bring you to come in late as one of the characters in the story. You too will soon realize how great of Javanese culture in the past.

Wayang kulit is performance art that have more than half a millennium. Appearance has its own story, related to the entry of Javanese Islam. One member of the Wali Songo created by adopting Wayang Beber is developed in the heyday of Hindu-Buddhist. The adoption was done because the puppet already attached to the Javanese to become the right medium for disseminating propaganda of Islam, while Islam forbids visual art form. As a result, created shadow puppets where people can only see shadows.

Leather puppet played by a man who would be called the greatest public entertainer in the world. How not, during the night, the mastermind behind the actor playing the character of a wayang kulit puppets of buffalo leather with decorated motif decoration chisel handicrafts (leather carving). He had to change the character of the sound, changing intonation, out jokes and even singing. To turn the atmosphere, aided by the mastermind musician who played the gamelan and sinden who sing songs of Java.

The characters in the puppet whole number in the hundreds. The puppets that are not played are placed in the existing banana trunks near the mastermind. When played, the puppets will appear as shadows on the white screen in front of the puppeteer. The image can be created for each puppet show using oil lamps for lighting that helps reflecting the puppets being played.

Each puppet brings the story or play a different. Variety theater is divided into 4 categories, namely standard play, play carangan, theater piece and the play yard. Standard play has a whole story based on the library while the puppet theater carangan only outline only based on the library puppet. Composition does not play based on wayang story but wearing the places according to the library puppet, while the play was entirely written by a freelance.

Wayang stories based on some old books like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Pustaka Raja Purwa and Purwakanda. Today, there are also books containing play and essay composed by hundreds of years has been appreciated by the public Abhimanyu Kerem, Doraweca, Suryatmaja Maling and so on. Among all the old books used, the Book Purwakanda is the most frequently used by puppeteers from the Sultan Palace. Leather puppet puppeteer begins when the mountains have been issue. An all-night wayang performance Yogyakarta style divided into 3 rounds that have lined 7 (scene) and 7 scenes of war. First round, called pathet Lasem, 3 lined and has 2 scenes that accompanied the war gising-gising pathet Lasem. Pathet Sanga the second half lined and has 2 scenes of war 2, while the Pathet Manura the third round has 2 lined and 3 scenes of war. One of the most anticipated part of many people at each puppet is because of the joke-joke presents typical Java.

Sasono Hinggil located in northern South Square is the place most often hold events all night wayang performances, usually held every second and fourth weeks starting at 21:00 pm. Another place is the Sri Maganti ward located in the Sultan's Palace. Wayang Kulit is staged in the hall for 2 hours starting at 10:00 am every Saturday with a ticket USD 5000.00.

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