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Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Mountains Suroloyo

Mountains Suroloyo

This tourism object is at the highest peak Menoreh Hills Village, located in Keceme, Gerbosari Village, District Samigaluh, located approximately 45 km from Yogyakarta. On this tour object, feeling the cool mountain air above the carpet of verdant plantations, tourists can enjoy the charm of the rising sun, while to the north of the peak can be seen Suroloyo splendor of Borobudur Temple. In Suroloyo have some mythological place that smelled of course a pity to pass up, among others: - Peak Sariloyo - Tegal Hot - Sendang Kadewatan - Sendang Kawidodaren - Kaendran Hermitage - Hermitage mintorogo On each date in the Top 1 Syuro Suroloyo ceremony is always held Jamasan legacy gift from the Kingdom of Spear YOGYAKRTA Manggolo Kyai Kyai Murti and Songsong Manggolo Dewo. Village elders from home Keceme, ceremony began with the procession, heritage, followed by the procession that brought the mountains of the earth, accompanied by traditional music to tetabuhan Sendang Kawidodaren the ceremony held jamasan heritage. Is also interesting from the activities of this ritual is a hick-rube of the contested results of the earth by the citizens and the visitors. It is said that those who can get hick-rube will get a blessing from God Almighty in the form of abundant crops.

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