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Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Mitoni or tingkeban, Pregnancy

Mitoni or tingkeban, Pregnancy

This ceremony aims to reject the salvation army and beg ceremony Equipment Group nobility: Sajen: robyong cone, cone bare, Sekul asrep-asrepan, chicken, grain oil, five kinds of cereal and snack market. Feast: rice majemukan, seven pairs of rice, pecel chicken, vegetable min, sticky compote, apem, savory rice, ingkung, rice punar, diamond, rujak and dawet, emping sticky rice, flowers and coconut water tabonan. Commoner groups: Sajen: sego do, snack market, a white brother porridge, porridge baro-baro, emping sticky, tumpeng robyong, golong sego, sego telon liwed and flowers. Banquet: tasty sego, sego ambengan, snack market, sticky compote, apem, plantain, sego snacks, seven cone, porridge, cream flowers and incense Tingkeb means to close, thus closing ceremony tingkeban is during pregnancy until the baby is born. The ceremony is held at age seven months pregnant at the time after the evening prayer, and attended by the mother, husband, family, traditional healers and scholars. There are fish food taboos cork / breech, the meat is hot, eels, crabs, and maja.Upacara durian fruit is divided into: 1.Mitoni for expectant mothers who will have a first child with extra spray. 2.Mitoni for the second child and only done so on slematan kendhuri.

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