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Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Bersih Desa ceremony Parangtritis, Kretek

Bersih Desa ceremony Parangtritis, Kretek

South 'is one of the villages in Kretek sub-district, Bantul regency. In the village there are traditional Parangtritis clean the village known as Earth Bhekti located in Pendopo Joglo Mancingan Tourism.
Ceremony dilatar backs on the village clean of a folktale about the origin of Mancingan hamlet. It is said that there used to be a nobleman to Majapahit Selopawening Begawan South Coast and founded Padhepokan to disseminate Buddhist teachings. At one point comes the Syech Maulana padhepokan Begawan Magkribi to Selopawening in order to spread the religion of Islam. Syech Maulana Magkribi express purpose is to Begawan Selopawening and even asked him to embrace Islam. Request is rejected, unless the power of Maulana Syech rivaled Magkribi miracle. One of the supernatural race to be won is fishing. Apparently the game was won by Maulana Syech Magkribi. With this defeat, then handed over to Syech padhepokan Maulana Magkribi who then made the Pondok Pesantren. Place game was held at the mouth of the river Opak in South Beach. Fishing named later in the development of a village or Mancingan Fishing. Until now the tomb of Maulana Syech Selopawening Begawan Magkribi and still be respected and maintained by village communities in particular and Parangtritis Mancingan in general.

Net ceremony Village / Bhekti Earth aims:
- As an expression of gratitude to the Almighty God who has provided livelihood to the community Mancingan hamlet.
- Preserving cultural heritage noble ancestors Indonesian nation.
- Memperbanyakkhasanah Indonesian national culture.
- Creating a new tourism asset of cultural tourism to support the development of tourism objects Parangtritis.

Time and Place of Ceremony.
Net ceremony hamlet Bhekti Earth Day was held on Tuesday after members of the community Wage reap the harvest in about May. When in May to coincide with the month of Suro, the first delayed, because the month of Suro village visited by many people Mancingan. Timing ceremony on Tuesday Wage because it is considered good time and bring blessings to the community Mancingan hamlet. As for the ceremony in the village Joglo Pendopo Mancingan, Parangtritis.

Equipment offerings in the ceremony are:

a. To ngguwangi such as:

- Jadah: Foods made from glutinous rice cooked with grated coconut, symbolizing unity among the people.
- Wajik: Foods made from glutinous rice cooked together with
grated coconut and palm sugar, it tastes sweet diamond and symbolizes the unity and happiness.
- Banana King: Symbolizes an expectation that community life is always
happy as kings.
- Flowers rasulan: Only consisting of roses, jasmine, and ylang. This interest
fragrance symbolizes the prayer that came out of a sincere heart.
- Snacks Market: The offering consists of a variety of foods purchased in the market. Symbolizes a hope that people always get a blessing from god.

- Red Jenang: porridge made from rice and salt and palm sugar,
Symbolizes a hope to both parents in order to give forgiveness to his son. The red color symbolizes courage.
- White Jenang: porridge made from rice and salt, white porridge
symbolizes the hope of a child to both parents to be given blessings, the white color symbolizes purity.
- Tumpeng
Worldwide: Tumpeng which consists of five kinds of colors (black, green, white,
yellow and pink). This cone represents a means to spirits in the neighborhood do not disturb the ceremony.
- Rack: Container is made from banana stems quadrangular
the given hemisphere bamboo mats. This shelf contains a bitch, diamonds, plantain, flower rasulan, snack market, red porridge, white porridge, poncowarno cone. Shelf and its contents is offering ngguwangi was meant to feed the spirits of the place so they do not interfere with passers-by.

b. To feast.
- Ketan: Foods made from glutinous rice cooked with
grated coconut. This sticky rice symbolizes the means to send the spirits of the ancestors in order to be close to God.
- Kolak: Foods made from bananas, cassava vines, kolang forth
cooked sweet. Kolak symbolizes rejected all evil deeds and to keep close to God.
- Nasi liwet chicken: plain white rice with side dishes of chicken meat. This liwet rice
represents the community's gratitude ancestral spirits.
- Wuduk Rice: White rice fed coconut milk, salt and bay leaves, so
it was tasty. This wuduk rice symbolizes the hope of salvation and honor of Prophet Muhammad and his companions.
- Ingkung: Chicken that is cooked in full flavored and spicy is not
coconut. Ingkung symbolizes human as a baby does not have any errors or are still sacred. One also represents surrender to the power of God.
- Banana King, bitch, diamonds.
- Takir: Place the rice and side dishes wuduk
- Jodhang: Where to place offerings such as liwet feast, rice
wuduk, ingkung, plantain, takir contains wuduk rice, glutinous rice, etc. compote. Jodhang is made of wood with a size of 1.5 mx 1 m and height about - about 15 cm. The various forms Jodhang - kind of like a box-shaped.

Procession Ceremony.
At 09.00 wib jodhang - jodhang containing offerings from eight neighborhoods at Mancingan brought to the pavilion Joglo Tourism banquet ceremony as a form of ceremony Bhekti Earth.
At a ceremony at 10.00 wib Bhekti Earth was started with a speech containing the committee chairman and purpose of the ritual as a thanksgiving to Almighty God for all blessings and gifts to continue his speech - a speech from the district and district officials. then enters the nucleus of ritual offerings pledged festivity. Pledge uttered by public figures Mancingan hamlet. The ceremony ended with a prayer led by community leaders as well. After the pledge and the prayer continued to eat with the feast of offerings.

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